Attract Wealth Now

Are You Ready to Receive True Wealth?

If you've been focusing on wealth attraction for more than a few months and you're still not seeing much outer progress, you may want to consider whether you may have some inner blockages that are holding your wealth from arriving.  During a moment of quiet reflection, ask yourself this question:  Am I REALLY ready to receive wealth?

Your immediate answer will probably be, OF COURSE!  But if that's true, and if you've been dedicated in focusing on wealth consistently, why hasn't it arrived yet?  The answer may surprise you.

Grab a notebook and pen, and write across the top:  The Dark Side of Wealth

Then make a list of every negative consequence you can imagine might happen if you were to become wealthy.  Your list might look something like this:

1) I would feel nervous handling such large sums of money.
2) People would always be bothering me, asking me for money.
3) I would feel bad having to say no sometimes - would they hate me?
4) What if I lost it all and had to go back to being broke?
5) People would expect me to "live larger," taking trips, partying, and other things I may not want to do.
6) My spouse would demand money and recklessly spend it all.
7) My kids would become spoiled and ungrateful.
8) Having money would make my life unpredictable and scary.
9) My friends would be jealous and talk about me behind my back.
10) I wouldn't know who to trust to help me manage my wealth.

For every worry, fear or discomfort that you write down, you need to find a way to settle the matter in your own mind before you will allow wealth into your life. 

Settling the matter in your own mind just means finding a way to be okay with the outcome so it doesn't make you feel fearful or uncomfortable. 

That can be as simple as coming up with ways to cope with the situations, or acknowledging that they aren't likely to really happen anyway.

This work can take time to complete, so don't rush it!  Work steadily on eliminating these fears one at a time until you feel completely comfortable with the idea of being wealthy. 

Once you have achieved that, you will no longer resist the arrival of the wealth you desire.