Attract Wealth Now

Attract Wealth by Receiving it Now

Attracting wealth with the Law of Attraction can be a complicated process because it's challenging to get your thoughts and feelings aligned with wealth - especially if you have been experiencing chronic problems and financial shortages.  In cases like this, your focus may be so mired in negative, lack-based thoughts that you can't see any other way to be. 

The exercise below provides a great way to practice receiving your wealth NOW - even if only on an energetic level.  However, the energetic level is where we all must start to attract anything, including wealth.  The more energy you devote to the attraction of wealth, the more tangible wealth will begin to flow into your life. 

Here's how to start:

Ideally you should make this exercise a daily practice, at least once or twice per day.  Each session should take 10 minutes or less, so it can be incorporated into even the busiest schedules.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place, close your eyes, and take several slow, deep breaths.  As you inhale, imagine that you are breathing in a cloud of soft white light.  With every exhale, imagine that a dark, cloudy mist exits your body.  Mentally repeat the words "positive in" with each inhalation, and "negative out" with each exhalation.  Do this for a minute or two until you start feeling very relaxed and calm.

When you feel ready to open yourself to wealth, hold your arms slightly away from your body, elbows bent and palms facing up, as if you were catching raindrops in your hands. 

Close your eyes and imagine that you can see a large stream of positive energy flowing down from the sky toward you.  This stream of positive energy can take on any appearance you wish; make it a stream of brilliant white light, a colorful rainbow beam, or a liquid flow of shimmering golden light.

Sit in your receiving pose and imagine that this flow of positive energy infuses every cell in your body, dissolving blockages, resistance, fear, and all lack-based beliefs.  Affirm aloud that you are now attracting and inviting wealth into every aspect of your life. 

Mentally see your financial situation being healed and balanced so that a lack of money is no longer an issue.  Allow your heart to fill with feelings of joy and gratitude as you "see" the positive changes taking place in your life, and affirm that things will keep getting better and better from now on.

Stay with this imagery for as long as you like, but a minimum of five minutes would be most beneficial. 

When you are ready to end the session, give thanks for the wealth that is now flowing to you and through you, and affirm that it will be with you from this moment forward.  As you resume your normal routine, pause several times throughout the day to recall this flow of wealth energy and feel grateful for its presence.

Important:  Whenever you are confronted with "evidence" of lack or scarcity in any form, use it as a powerful opportunity to affirm your wealth once again.  Say something like this:  "A constant stream of wealth and goodness is flowing to me, now and always."  Then firmly set aside any thoughts of worry, fear, or doubt that arise.  Put your full confidence into believing and knowing that wealth is permeating every possible facet of your life, and it's only a matter of time before that wealth becomes evident on a physical level.