Attract Wealth Now

Wealth Affirmations

Use these inspiring wealth affirmations to shift your focus from lack and scarcity to rampant, joyful wealth and abundance!  Remember that the true power of affirmations is in the way they make you FEEL.  As you recite them, be sure to really concentrate on the wording and tune into the essence of wealth.

I am ready to allow true wealth into my life.
I let go of all blockages to wealth and abundance.
I open my mind and heart to perfect wealth now.
I believe that my wealth is already within me.
I feel wealthy when I focus on joy.
Wealth is flowing to me now and all is well.
I am at peace with great wealth and abundance.
The universe is radiating wealth into my life now.
I choose to feel wealthy right now, in this moment.
I release my resistance to wealth and abundance.
I do deserve to be wealthy, abundant and free.

The universe will lead me to wealth, step by step.
I can FEEL great wealth flowing to me right now.
As I think wealthy thoughts, wealth must come.
I empower myself with thoughts of wealth and love.
I LOVE thinking about my abundant, new life!
I know how to tap into the essence of true wealth.
I can imagine how it feels to be financially free.
I am relaxing into greater wealth and abundance.
I let go of trying to make my wealth come to me.
As I let go, wealth flows easily into my life.
I allow my heart to fill with the essence of wealth.

I have complete faith that my wealth is coming.
I choose to set aside all fears, doubts and worries.
I keep my thoughts firmly on wealth and abundance.
I eagerly focus on living a truly abundant lifestyle.
I can clearly imagine better life circumstances.
Every time I experience lack, I intend abundance.
The experience of not having enough is an illusion.
I always have more than enough money and time.
I easily transform my limitations into possibilities.
I focus on the many ways wealth would benefit me.
Wealth feels like joy, like inspiration, like freedom.

Aligning with wealth means feeling wealthy now.
I can feel wealthy any time I like.
I can tune into the essence of wealth right now.
I give myself permission to be wealthy and happy.
I let go of worrying about what others think of me.
I enjoy my transition to wealth more each day.
The universe wants me to be wealthy and joyful.
I can feel it when I am in alignment with wealth.
I let go, breathe, and let my wealth flow.
There is always enough of everything I desire.
My energy flows where my attention goes.